Club Chalet has a separate pond with carp, sturgeon and trout. You can not only fish in the resort, but immediately give the catch for cooking to the chef of the restaurant.

We will provide all the necessary gear, and the fishermen can only enjoy their vacation.

Fishing time: 9:00 – 21:00.

Service cost:
– Fishing for beginners (training with an instructor) – 300 UAH.
– Sports fishing (fishing with sports gear – fishing rods, spinning rods) – 300 UAH.

The cost of catching fish
– Trout – 450 UAH / 1 kg. (trout weight from 700 grm. – 2 kg.)
– Carp – 300 UAH / 1 kg. (carp weight from 3 kg. – 4 kg.)
– Sturgeon – 750 UAH/1kg. (sturgeon weight from 700 grm. – 2.5 kg.)
– Catfish – 350 UAH / 1kg.

Photo tour

Important information!!!!

* The principle of “caught a trout – release”! According to the rules of amateur fishing in “Club Chalet”, the caught fish should not be released back in any case! Even if the fish shows all signs of life (breathes, maintains balance and briskly escapes from the hands), it is doomed.

It is pointless to let it out – in an hour it will fall to the bottom and die.


** Damage to fishing equipment – fine 1000 uah.

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